Manual capsuling
Automatic capsuling

Manual capsuling, model CM-5

Bench capper for the pre-smoothing and smoothing of sparkling wine or Champagne caps / foils.
Possibility to cap bottles from 37,5cl to 150 cl
Maximum length of the foils: 150 mm

Automatic capsuling

Automatic capsuling machines for sparkling wine and still wine.

For sparkling wine:

  • Caps for sparkling wine, with or without optical centrng, closed with pneumatic head (output: 1,500 bottles per hour)

For still wine:

  • Complex, tin and aluminium caps closed with screw cap head (output of 1,500 bottles/hour).
  • PVC shrinking caps closed with thermic head (output of 3,000 bottles/hour).
Made of stainless steel
Possible to supply monoblock machines for capping and labelling.


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