Manual labelling
Automatic labelling

Semi-automatic labelling, models E

Bench labelling machine for cilindrical bottles for the application of the front label and back label on the same roll.
  • Structure in stainless steel.
  • Designed for bottles with a 50-120 mm diameter.
  • Maximum height of the bottle: 140mm
  • Maximum output: 700 bottles/hour
  • In option, possibility to label bottles with a different shape, place a second label with a front label already on.
  • Superior model equipped with 2 independant labelling rolls.

Automatic labelling

Linear and rotary automatic labelling machines for the application of labels, collars and medals.
Linear labellers with up to 4 labelling stations.
Rotary labellers for big outputs.
Monoblock versions with capping for still wine and sparkling wine.
Orientation of the capsule  for Champagne – sparkling wine bottles.


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